plainpicture license types

plainpicture/Sandra Jordan
plainpicture/Dave Wall
plainpicture/Niels Schubert
plainpicture/Daniel K Schweitzer
plainpicture/Thomas Günther
plainpicture/Cristopher Civitillo
plainpicture/Delia Baum
plainpicture/Delia Baum
plainpicture/Paul W. Nähr
plainpicture/Cédric Roulliat
plainpicture/Stephan Bungert
plainpicture/Krista Keltanen
plainpicture/Rolf Driesen
plainpicture/Richard Nixon
plainpicture/Karoliina Norontaus
plainpicture/Yann Grancher
plainpicture/Richard Baron
plainpicture/Frank Lothar Lange
plainpicture/Maria Dorner
plainpicture/Dave Wall
plainpicture/Lisa Kimmel
plainpicture/Carsten Görling
plainpicture/Mischa Keijser
plainpicture/David Carreno Hansen
plainpicture/Stefanie Lange
plainpicture/Oliver Heinemann
plainpicture/tromp l’oeil
plainpicture/Cédric Roulliat
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Rights Simplified  RS

License exclusive plainpicture images with maximum freedom of use. plainpicture RS exclusive high end photography combines the advantages of RM & RF with flexible image rights.

RS images quick & easy to license

No restrictions - All usages

Select usage period

1, 3, 5 years or in perpetuity

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National / International

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How do I license RS images?

plainpicture’s website guides you through the individual steps:

1. Choose period of time: 1, 3, 5 years or in perpetuity

2. Choose distribution: National / International

3. Licensing: Add to cart

What rights do I have with my plainpicture RS license?

Your license covers your company or your designated licensee for the desired period of time and selected distribution area.

Which media does my RS licensed use cover?

The RS license covers all media. RS images may be used irrespective of media, image size or circulation.

Which file size do I get?

You get the maximum file size available for each respective image. plainpicture RS images are automatically provided in maximum file size.

I want to license a plainpicture RS image for single use only. Is that possible?

Yes, please use the "single use" option. Calculate and compare your desired usage and select the most attractive license option.

Is Rights Simplified the same as RF?

No, the RS collection contains selected images by exclusive plainpicture photographers.

Can I trace back the industry in which my image has already been used?

Yes, sales histories and industry usages can be tracked online.

Can I exclusively use and block RS images for one or all industries?

Yes, unless an image has already been exclusively blocked for one or multiple industries.